Program Requirements

Hours: 34-41

The TEAM AYA Program is offered to students who hold a bachelor’s degree and are interested in teaching science or mathematics in grades 7-12.

Students who pass the Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) test for their subject area and who have completed six credit hours of graduate course work may be eligible for the alternative resident educator license (AREL). The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) awards the AREL.

Those who receive the AREL and elect to continue in the program will be working toward a Master of Arts Degree with a major in Teaching and a concentration in adolescent to young adult education.


EDU 500Statistics and Research (3)

EDU 501Educational Psychology (3)

EDU 600Integrative Project (1)

EDU 602Ethics for Educators (3)


AYA 550Nature and Needs of Adolescents (3)

AYA 670AYA Curriculum Methods: Teaching to Standards (3)

EDU 502Measurement & Evaluation (3)

EDU 504Behav Mgmt/Classroom Org (3)

EDU 601Differentiated Instruction for Inclusive Settings Mild to Moderate (3)

RDG 511Content Area Reading (3)

SED 515Human Exceptionalities Across the Lifespan (3)

Select one methods course which corresponds to the subject content area:

EDU 559Methods of Teaching Sciences (3)

MTH 503Methods of Teaching Mathematics (3)


Students may opt to take one or both of the following two courses:

AYA 533Adol/Young Adult Practicum (2-3)

EDU 644Graduate Student Teaching (6)

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