Program Requirements

Hours: 41-42

TEAM-MSE is an accelerated blended/online program for individuals who want to teach children with special needs in grades K-12 who come from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds.

This program is designed for non-traditional second career individuals who do not have a teaching license and are seeking an alternate route to special education licensure.  The curriculum for this program includes both special education and multicultural curriculum.  Graduates of this program will have the skills and knowledge to work with children in grades K-12 who come from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds and are in need of special education services. 

All coursework leading to the Alternative Residence Educator’s License (AREL) is embedded within the master’s degree.  The courses count for both K-12 Special Education licensure and for the graduate degree.  The course delivery format available for this track is blended learning, which allows students the convenience of online learning during the weekdays with Saturday class meetings.


*(EDU 616 was added as a requirement on 7/23/2014, and was approved by Grad Council on 8/27/14)

EDU 500Statistics and Research (3)

EDU 501Educational Psychology (3)

EDU 616Cognition Across Cultures (3)

SED 650Integrative Project Multicultural Special Education (2-3)


RDG 617Multisensory Explicit Phonics Instruction (3)

SED 515Human Exceptionalities Across the Lifespan (3)

SED 521Communication Develop & Theories for Multicultural Environments (3)

SED 522Formal & Informal Assessment for Multicultural Spec Edu (3)

SED 533 IMulticultural Special Education Practicum Level I (1)

SED 533 IIMulticultural Special Education Practicum Level II (1)

SED 533 IIIMSE Practicum Level III (1)


SED 533 IVMSE Practicum Level IV (1)

SED 610Reading Literature Development for Multicultural Special Education (3)

SED 612Culturally Appropriate Practices for Managing Classroom & Challenging Behaviors (3)

SED 631Collaborative Practices in Multicultural Special Education (3)


Focus Option I -- Mild to Moderate -- 6 Hours

EDU 601Differentiated Instruction for Inclusive Settings Mild to Moderate (3)

SED 611Curriculum & Methods for Multicultural Special Education (3)

Focus Option II -- Moderate to Intensive -- 6 Hours (Option for AREL only)

SED 531Curriculum & Methods for Multicultural Special Ed Moderate & Intense (3)

SED 532Nature & Needs of MSE (M/I) (3)

***Effective July 1, 2014, the College of Mount St. Joseph became Mount St. Joseph University. Any reference within the catalog to the College will be understood to be a reference to Mount St. Joseph University after July 1, 2014, unless otherwise noted.***