Program Requirements

Hours: 13

The Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs Endorsement (Ages 3-5) is to prepare Early Intervention Specialists to meet the growing needs of young children who come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and are in need of special education services.  Graduates of the program will have the knowledge, skill and dispositions to work in collaborative and consulting roles with early intervention teams (families, general educators and other support personnel) to meet the needs of  young children (ages 3-5)  who have mild, moderate, to intensive needs.  The coursework is based on the theoretical and practical application of research-based instructional strategies which are developmentally appropriate,   culturally responsive and based on the premise that language and cultural differences are solutions in education rather than a part of the problem.

Eligibility:  The Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs Endorsement can be added to an existing Ohio Early Childhood License and/or an Intervention Specialist license.  Students, who are enrolled in the Inclusive Early Childhood Licensure Program or the Special Education Licensure Program at the undergraduate or graduate level, may complete the coursework for the endorsement during their program of study.


Current Early Childhood or Intervention Specialist Ohio Licensure and SED 515 or Equivalent Course.

Requirements of the Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs Endorsement (13 hours)

SED 521Communication Develop & Theories for Multicultural Environments (3)

SED 524School, Home Support and Intervention Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs (3)

SED 534Methods/Materials for Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs (3)

SED 662Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs Practicum (1)

SED 665Medical Issues & Learning Process for Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs (3)

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