The Mount provides students with an opportunity to confirm their basic skill competencies in writing, mathematics and computing. The appropriate academic departments, in conjunction with The Learning Center, will make recommendations, course placements and monitor students’ progress.

Proficiency for traditional students includes:

Writing Assessment: During the registration process, students complete a self-assessment of their writing needs. Based on the results, appropriate course work will be recommended.

Quantitative Reasoning: High School Algebra II is required except for those who demonstrate competency in basic algebraic skills through a combination of high school mathematics programs and SAT or ACT mathematics scores. All students are required to take the placement test in mathematics which will be administered during summer orientation. The only exceptions are students who meet both of the following requirements: transfer credit to satisfy their core math requirement and declaration of a major that does not require calculus. The mathematics department will provide academic advisors with each student's math placement. Students are required to begin their study of mathematics according to this placement. Any student who wishes may retake the placement test and have their math placement reevaluated. 

Proficiency for adult students may be demonstrated by: a) successful completion of previous college course work; b) life or work experience; and/or c) successful completion of the placement tests.

Adult students may be required to take the placement test if one or more of the following apply:

  1. Completed high school, but have no previous college credits.
  2. Previously completed college course work is fewer than 12 semester hours (18 quarter hours).
  3. Cumulative GPA for prior college course work is less than 2.0.
  4. Prior college course work was taken six or more years ago.
  5. Patterns in academic record indicate a need to assess skill levels.