Program Requirements

Hours: 69 - 72

Major Courses -  31-34 hours

GRD 104Digital Literacy I (1)

GRD 105Digital Literacy II (1)

GRD 207Digital Literacy III (1)

GRD 250Typography I (3)

GRD 255Graphic Form (3)

GRD 270Web Design (3)

GRD 350Hand to Pixel (3)

GRD 353Typography II (3)

GRD 355Information Graphics (3)

GRD 356Brand Identity Design (3)

GRD 400Senior Design Seminar (1)

GRD 455Professional Portfolio (3)

GRD 456Senior Degree Project (3)

GRD 396Co-Op:Parallel (PT) (1-3) EXP


CED 394Cooperative Education (0) EXP

Cognate Courses – 38 hours

ART 100Art & Design Foundation Seminar (1)

ART 101Foundation Drawing I (3) CAM

ART 102Foundation Drawing II (3) CAM

ART 103Foundation of Visual Thinking (3) CAM

ART 106Foundation 3-D Visual Communication (3) CAM

ART 110Foundation Portfolio Review (0)

ART 127World Art:Magical & Spiritual (3) CAM

ART 129World Art:Heroes and Donors (3) CAM

ART 230History of Design:Hand Made to Apple (3) CAM

ART 280Principles of Animation (3)

ART 281Digital Photography I (3) CAM

ART 301Figure Drawing (3)


ART 362Printmaking Workshop:Methods Survey (3) CAM


an Advisor Approved Course

PHI 285Philosophy of Art (3) CP

CED 220Foundations of Professionalism (1)

Choose one Art History elective - 3 hours

Minimum grade of C in all major/cognate courses.

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the graphic design major will be able to:

  • Engage in the creative problem solving process that is so vital in our industry, using typography, design principles, color theory, brand identity, symbol systems and information graphics.
  • Identify the formal, technical and expressive aspects in visual communication.
  • Understand design principles for web, print and motion.