Program Requirements

Hours: 18

Minor courses (9 hours)

ART 127World Art:Magical & Spiritual (3) CAM

ART 129World Art:Heroes and Donors (3) CAM

ART 330Art Criticism (3) CAM

Choose three from the following - 9 hours

ART 201Art Special Topics (3) CAM

ART 230History of Design:Hand Made to Apple (3) CAM

ART 231Modern Art:Subconscious Lure (3) CAM

ART 232Art History:Women Artists (3) CAM

ART 234Art History: Photography (3) CAM

ART 239American Art:Plucky Originality (3) CAM

ART 278Matisse & Picasso (3)

HON 260Honors: Cincinnati Arts Scene (1-3) IDS

Residency requirement: 6 hours
Minimum grade of C in all minor/cognate courses.