Program Requirements

Hours: 20

Required Courses - 14 hours

ART 103Foundation of Visual Thinking (3) A/CAM

GRD 104Digital Literacy I (1)

GRD 207Digital Literacy III (1)

GRD 250Typography I (3)

GRD 255Graphic Form (3)

GRD 355Information Graphics (3)

Choose two of the following - 6 hours

ART 230History of Design:Hand Made to Apple (3) A/CAM

ART 280Principles of Animation (3) A

ART 281Digital Photography I (3) A/CAM

GRD 270Web Design (3)

GRD 350Hand to Pixel (3)

GRD 353Typography II (3)

Residency requirement: 6 hours
Minimum grade of C in all minor courses.