Program Requirements

Hours: 35-37

Major Courses – 19 hours

COM 200Intro to Communication Theory (3) LAS

COM 210Mass Media & Contemporary Culture (3) LAS

COM 300Advanced Composition (3) LAS

COM 320Advanced Oral Communication (3) LAS

COM 330Rhetorical Foundations of Human Communication (3) LAS

COM 340Intercultural & World Comm (3) LAS

COM 499Communication Studies Capstone (1) CAP

Major and/or Cognate Courses – 15 hours

Choose one course from the following: (3 hours)

COM 310Visual Communication (3) LAS

COM 315History of Motion Picture (3) LAS

COM 359American Film Authors (3) LAS

Choose one course from the following: (3 hours)

MKT 351Marketing Communication Management (3)

COM 355Introduction to Public Relations (3)

MKT 356Advertising (3)

Choose one course from the following: (3 hours)

COM 380Newswriting I (3) LAS

COM 388Feature Writing (3) LAS

Choose one course from the following: (3 hours)

ART 270Web Page Design (3)

COM 350Special Topics in Communication (3) LAS

COM 353Health Communication (3) LAS

COM 354New Media Ethics (3) LAS

COM 360New Media and Society (3) LAS

COM 385Newswriting II (3) LAS

COM 390Drama Workshop (3) LAS

ENG 461Writing for Publication (3) LAS

Choose one additional course from any of the major and cognate courses listed above (3)

Choose one Work Experience from the following: (1-3 hours)

COM 396Cooperative Education Work Experience: Parallel (1-3) EXP

COM 400Internship (1-3)

COM 496Cooperative Education Work Experience: Alternating (1-3) EXP

Minimum grade of "C" in all major/cognate courses.

Residency Requirement – 9 Hours

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the communication and new media studies major will be able to:

  • apply communication theory and critical thinking in various communication settings.
  • develop the ability to communicate effectively, ethically and creatively.
  • understand the role communication plays in the social construction of meaning.

***Effective July 1, 2014, the College of Mount St. Joseph became Mount St. Joseph University. Any reference within the catalog to the College will be understood to be a reference to Mount St. Joseph University after July 1, 2014, unless otherwise noted.***