Program Requirements

Hours: 43

Literature Courses - 30 hours (at least 3 hours in American)

ANCIENT - select one from the following - 3 hours

ENG 132In the Beginning: World Myths of Creation & Origins (3) L/CL

ENG 232Heroes & Heroines: The Ancient World (3) L/CL

ENG 234All the World's a Stage: Ancient Drama (3) L/CL

MEDIEVAL - select one from the following - 3 hours

ENG 142The Medieval Quest: The Hero's Journey (3) L/CL

ENG 144Literature of the Crusades (3) L

ENG 241The Battle of the Sexes or Much Ado about Nothing (3) L

RENAISSANCE - select one from the following - 3 hours

ENG 244Outlaws, Traitors, Heretics, Witches & Moors: Anti-Heroes (3) L

ENG 252The Renaissance Quest (3) CL

ENG 352Shakespeare in Love (3) L

NINETEENTH CENTURY - select one from the following - 3 hours

ENG 160Apes, Angels & Victorians: A Survey of the Victorian Period (3) L/CL

ENG 162Murder Most Foul: Detectives in 19th Cent. British Literature (3) L/CL

ENG 26019th-Century American Thought in Prose (3) L/CL

ENG 262I Was Crazy Once:Impaired Mind in Lit (3) L/CL

MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY - select two from the following - 6 hours

ENG 171Sports in Literature (3) L/CL

ENG 17320 Voices, 20 Countries: World Poetry (3) L

ENG 174Meet Me at the Theatre: Mod & Contemp American Drama (3) L/CL

ENG 175Modern Short Fiction (3) L/CL

ENG 223Cincinnati Authors (3) L/CL

ENG 274Reading Between the Stitches (3) L

ENG 275A History of Violence: Survey of 20th-Cent British Literature (3) L/CL

ENG 276The 20th-Century Graphic Novel (3) L

ENG 277Dollars & Sense: Materialism in 20th-Century American Fiction (3) L/CL

ENG 278The End of the World as We Know It: Fiction After 9/11 (3) L/CL

ENG 279Killing the Angel in the House: 20th-Cent Brit Women Novelists (3) L/CL

ENG 376Novels Without Borders (3) L/CL

Select FOUR additional courses from any Literature course listed above or from the following - 12 hours

ENG 245African-American Writers (3) L/CL

ENG 280In Their Own Voices: American Autobiography,Letters,Memoirs (3) L/CL

ENG 26019th-Century American Thought in Prose (3) L/CL

ENG 350Topics in Literature (1-3)

Writing Courses - select two from the following - 6 hours

ENG 290The Story of Your Life: Writing Diaries, Memoirs & Autobiographies (3) LAS

ENG 300Advanced Composition (3) LAS

ENG 370Creative Writing: Poetry (3) LAS

ENG 371Seminar in Creative Writing: Poetry (3) LAS

ENG 372Creative Writing: Fiction (3) LAS

ENG 373Seminar in Creative Writing: Fiction (3) LAS

ENG 374Screenwriting Workshop (3) LAS

COM 388Feature Writing (3) LAS

Visual Media - select two from the following - 6 hours

COM 210Mass Media & Contemporary Culture (3) LAS

COM 310Visual Communication (3) LAS

COM/ENG 315History of Motion Picture (3) LAS

COM/ENG 359American Film Authors (3) LAS

COM 360New Media and Society (3) LAS

ENG 375Texts & Subtexts: Science-Fiction of the Atomic Age (3) LAS

CAPSTONE - 1 hour

ENG 499English Senior Seminar Capstone (1) CAP

Residency Requirement - 6 hours
Minimum Grade of C in all major/cognate courses

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the English major will be able to:

  • read closely and interpret literature in its context.
  • produce writing that is critical, creative and graceful.
  • participate in collaborative, meaningful discussions with peers and professors.

***Effective July 1, 2014, the College of Mount St. Joseph became Mount St. Joseph University. Any reference within the catalog to the College will be understood to be a reference to Mount St. Joseph University after July 1, 2014, unless otherwise noted.***