Program Requirements

Hours: 21

Minor Courses - 21 hours

Choose one writing course from the following - 3 hours

ENG 290The Story of Your Life: Writing Diaries, Memoirs & Autobiographies (3) LAS

ENG 300Advanced Composition (3) LAS

ENG 370Creative Writing: Poetry (3) LAS

ENG 371Seminar in Creative Writing: Poetry (3) LAS

ENG 372Creative Writing: Fiction (3) LAS

ENG 373Sem Creative Writing:Fiction (3) LAS

ENG 374Screenwriting Workshop (3) LAS

COM 388Feature Writing (3) LAS

Choose one visual media course from the following - 3 hours

COM 201New Media, Culture & Society (3) LAS

COM 220Visual Communication (3)

ENG 359American Film Authors (3) LAS

ENG 375Texts & Subtexts: Science-Fiction of the Atomic Age (3) LAS

Choose five literature courses - 15 hours
Any literature course with an ENG prefix (coded as L, CL or LAS), excluding those listed in the writing and visual media categories above

Minimum grade of "C" in all courses for the minor.
Residency requirement: 6 hours