Program Requirements

Hours: 24

The Mount, with its tradition as a Catholic women’s college, is committed to providing an environment for the developing woman in a changing world. An interdisciplinary program in Women’s Studies is offered for the student interested in investigating gender and all aspects of women--past, present and future.

Women’s Studies courses increase the understanding of evolving cultural and societal aspects of women’s roles. They focus on the nature, history, status, and contributions of women as well as attitudes towards women and relationships between women and men. These courses also help women and men examine alternative ways of looking at themselves and their roles in society.

A minor in Women’s Studies is especially helpful in contemporary careers in which an understanding of contemporary women’s issues is essential, such as health, education, public relations, social work, religious studies, and law.

Minor Courses -- 3 hours

Choose one course from the following:

WST 150Woman as Person: Relationships (3)

WST 151Woman as World Citizen (1-3)

WST 225Women and Autobiographical Writing (3) L

Minor and/or Cognate Courses -- 21 hours

Choose three additional Women’s Studies Courses (9)

Choose three other courses from any department with a significant amount of material about women. Courses with such emphasis will be identified in each semester’s Class Schedule as "fulfills Women's Studies minor." (9)

Choose one course where a final project or paper centers on research about women and/or women’s views. Course selection and research to be approved and assessed by the women’s studies coordinator. (3)

Minimum grade of "C" in courses for the minor. Residency requirements: 6 hours