Program Requirements

Hours: 30 (Above and Beyond the minimum 46 hours required in the Core)


Liberal Arts and Sciences (Core) Cognate Courses - 30 hours

Core Cognate hours may be fulfilled by courses of a non-technical nature from traditional Core disciplines such as art (A), literature (L), music (MU), speech (C), writing (C), social sciences (S), history (H), natural sciences (N), mathematics (MA), religious studies (R), philosophy (P), ethics (E), and interdisciplinary studies (IDS). Any courses marked with the code LAS within liberal arts and sciences fields also fulfill the core cognate area of the major. These elective hours may be fulfilled in any combination.

Cumulative GPA in all courses: 2.0

Residency Requirement - 9 hours

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the general studies major will be able to:

  • communicate effectively, both in oral and written communications.
  • exhibit skills in critical thinking and problem solving.
  • imbue critical thinking with ethical thought.