Program Requirements

Hours: 66 - 68

Major Courses -  32-34 hours

GRD 206Digital Design (3)

GRD 250Typography I (3)

GRD 255Graphic Form (3)

GRD 351Design Narrative (3)

GRD 352Web Design (3)

GRD 353Typography II (3)

GRD 355Information Graphics (3)

GRD 356Identity Design (3)

GRD 396Co-Op:Parallel (PT) (1-3) EXP

GRD 400Senior Design Seminar: Capstone (1) CAP

GRD 455Graphic Design 5: Systems Practicum (3)

GRD 456Graphic Design 6: Thesis (3)

Cognate Courses – 34 hours

ART 100Art & Design Foundation Seminar (1) A

ART 101Foundation Drawing I (3) A/CAM

ART 102Foundation Drawing II (3) A/CAM

ART/GRD 103Design Foundation I (3) A/CAM

ART/GRD/IAD 106Design Foundation II (3) A/CAM

ART 110Foundation Portfolio Review (0)

ART 121World Art (3) A/CAM

ART 230Art History: Design (3) A/CAM

ART 281Photography I (3) A/CAM

ART 301Figure Drawing (3-4) A


ART 302Advanced Drawing (3) A

Choose two Art History electives:

ART Art History: Elective (3)
ART Art History: Elective (3)

ART 330Art History: Art Criticism (3) A

Also required:

PHI 285Philosophy of Art (3) P

Minimum grade of C in all major/cognate courses.

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the graphic design major will be able to:

  • demonstrate creative and technical abilities in drawing and design and a breadth of appreciation and knowledge in visual arts.
  • apply skills and knowledge in a studio area of concentration with an original creative concept brought into visual form with effective presentation.
  • define and integrate an understanding of the roles artists and designers have in today’s world.

***Effective July 1, 2014, the College of Mount St. Joseph became Mount St. Joseph University. Any reference within the catalog to the College will be understood to be a reference to Mount St. Joseph University after July 1, 2014, unless otherwise noted.***