Program Requirements

Hours: 48*

Theory: 15 hours

MUS 101Theory Fundamentals (3)

MUS 105Piano I (3)

MUS 106Piano II (3)

MUS 113Aural Skills (3)

MUS 308Music Theory (3)

History: 15 hours

MUS 131World Music (3) CAM/IDS

MUS 212American Popular Music: From Minstrelsy to MP3 (3) MU/CAM

MUS 233Listen to This:Musical Masterworks from the Middle Ages to 1750 (3) MU/CAM

MUS 234Listen to This:Musical Masterworks from 1750 to Present (3) MU/CAM

MUS 402Music Literature (3)

Conducting/Arranging: 3 hours

MUS 403Conducting/Orchestration/ Arranging (3)

Performance - 9 hours

(MUS 140A - MUS 197A - Applied Instrument)

Large Choral/Instrumental Ensembles - 6 Hours

MUS 110EUniversity Singers (1) MU

MUS 120FUniversity Band (1) MU

MUS 120NLab Band (1)

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the Music major will be able to:

  • demonstrate performance ability appropriate for the B.A. in music.
  • develop vocal and keyboard skills appropriate for the B.A. in music.
  • perform advanced ensemble literature.
  • comprehend various musical genres and stylistic periods.
  • identify historical periods and cultures.
  • improvise in various musical styles.
  • understand theoretical/compositional music concepts.
  • understand formal/structural concepts.
  • critically review personal musical/intellectual performance.