Program Requirements

Hours: 18

Select 6 courses from list below including one Ethics and a 100 level Religion course.

REL 100Introduction to Christianity (3) R/CR

REL 102Christian Scriptures (3) R/CR

REL 107Intro to Catholic Christianity (3) R/CR

REL 195The Spirit of Charity (3) R

REL 221Theology of Human Marriage and Sexuality (3) R

REL 302Survey of Church History (3) R

REL 303History of Spirituality (3) R

ETH:REL 250Christian Ethics (3) E

ETH:REL 251Business Ethics (3) E/CE

ETH:REL 252Theological Health Care Ethics (3) E/CE

IDS 334Jesus Through the Ages (3) IDS

IDS 397Rome:A Sacred & Secular History (3) IDS

JCG 255Christian Social Justice (3) JCG

Residency requirement:  12 hours
Cumulative GPA in all courses for the minor: 2.0