Program Requirements

Hours: 30

Required – 9 hours

CRM 103Foundations of Criminal Justice (3) LAS

IDS 210Survey of Forensic Science (4) IDS

IDS 215Forensic Science Integrated Seminar (2)

Elective Courses -- 21 hours

NATURAL SCIENCES -- 12 hours in laboratory based sciences (Select three and their labs)

Could be one of this grouping:

BIO 101Introduction to Biology (4) N/CN


BIO 110Biological Science & LAB (4) N/CN


BIO 111Principles of Biology I (4) N/CN

BIO 111APrinciples of Biology I (LAB) (0) N/CN

Could be one of this grouping:

BIO 131Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology (4) N/CN

BIO 131ABasic Human Anatomy and Physiology (LAB) (0) N/CN


BIO 197Human Anatomy and Physiology for the Health Sciences I (4) N/CN

BIO 197AHuman Anatomy and Physiology for the Health Sciences I (LAB) (0) N/CN


BIO 201Anatomy & Physiology I (4) N

BIO 201AHuman Anatomy & Physiology (LAB) (0) N

Could be one of this grouping:

CHE 104General & Organic Chemistry (3) N/CN

CHE 104AGeneral & Organic Chemistry LAB (1) N/CN


CHE 105Chem for Everyday Living (4) N/CN


CHE 111General Chemistry I (3) N/CN

CHE 111AGeneral Chemistry I (LAB) (1) N/CN

Could be one of this grouping:

PHY 105Physical Science L/L (4) N


PHY 201General Physics I (3) N

PHY 201AGen Physics I (LAB) (1) N

Could be any of this grouping:

BIO 112Principles of Biology II (4) N

BIO 112APrinciples of Biology II (LAB) (0) N

BIO 140Environmental Science (4) N/CN

BIO 198Human A&P for Hlth Sci II (4) N

BIO 198AHuman Anatomy and Physiology for the Health Sciences II (LAB) (0) N

BIO 202Anatomy & Physiology II (4) N

BIO 202AHuman Anatomy & Physiology II (LAB) (0) N

BIO 225Pathophysiology for the Health Sciences (4)

BIO 301Pathophysiology (4)

BIO 314Psychopharmacology (3)

BIO 320Genetics (4) N

BIO 320AGenetics (LAB) (0) N

BIO 335Entomology (4) N

BIO 335AEntomology (LAB) (0) N

CHE 112General Chemistry II (3) N

CHE 112AGeneral Chemistry II (LAB) (1) N

CHE 314Intermediate Analytical Chem (3) N

CHE 314AIntermediate Analy Chem (LAB) (1) N

CHE 315Instrumental Analysis (3) N

CHE 315AInstru Analysis (LAB) (1) N

CHE 326Biochemistry Nucleic Acid Structure (3) N

CHE 326ABiochemistry Nucleic Acid Structure (LAB) (1) N

GEO 135Environmental Geology (L/L) (4) N/CN

PHY 202General Physics II (3) N

PHY 202AGen Physics II (LAB) (1) N

BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES -- 9 hours (select three)

CRM 217Cops, Bobbies & Thief-Takers (3) LAS

CRM 218Victimology (3) LAS

CRM 220Judges, Juries & Justice (3) LAS

CRM 292Forensic Psychology (3) LAS

CRM 293Juvenile Delinquency (3) LAS

CRM 295Prisons, Punishments & Penalty (3) LAS

CRM 298Bringing Justice Home (3) LAS

CRM 300Critical Issues in Criminology (3) LAS

CRM 390The Mad & The Bad (3) LAS

CRM 395The Who, What & Where of Crime (3) LAS

CRM 397Controlling the Unruly Masses (3) LAS

CRM 408Biosocial Criminology (3) LAS

IDS 212Domestic Violence (3) IDS

IDS 332Child Abuse (3) IDS

IDS 333Elder Abuse (3) IDS

PSY 310Cognition & Memory (3) S

PSY 340Abnormal Psychology (3) S

PSY 342Child Psychopathology (3) S

SOC 216Sociology of the Family (3) S

***Effective July 1, 2014, the College of Mount St. Joseph became Mount St. Joseph University. Any reference within the catalog to the College will be understood to be a reference to Mount St. Joseph University after July 1, 2014, unless otherwise noted.***