Program Requirements

Hours: 21

Core Courses (10 hours required)

GEO 140Environmental Science (4) N/CN


BIO 140Environmental Science (4) N/CN

*GEO/BIO 140 must be completed as one of the first two courses taken in the minor.

ECO 212Principles of Microeconomics (3) S/CEP

ETH:PHI 203Environmental Ethics (3) E/CE

Elective Courses (9 hours)

Choose three courses from one or more of the three key areas listed below. Only one course at the 100 level may be chosen. Note that some of these courses have pre-requisites; many can also be used to satisfy the University core curriculum requirements.


ART 336Sculpture Wkshp:Sustainable Mixed Media (3) A/CAM

BIO 203Embryology (4) N

BIO 218Animal Behavior (4) N

BIO 221Ornithology (4) N

BIO 315Ecology (4) N

BIO 335Entomology (4) N

CHE 105Chem for Everyday Living (4) N/CN

CHE 185Science of Art (4) N/CN

GEO 115Earth Science (L/L) (4) N/CN

GEO 120Geology of Cincinnati (4) N/CN

GEO 130Oceanography (L/L) (4) N/CN

GEO 135Environmental Geology (L/L) (4) N/CN

GEO 165Meteorology (L/L) (4) N/CN

IDS 225Natural History of National Parks (4) IDS

IDS 280Color to Dye For (3) IDS

IDS 305Naturalist As Artist/Artist As Naturalist (4) IDS


CIS 135Spreadsheets (3)

ECO 201Economic Issues (3) S

ECO 211Principles of Macroeconomics (3) S

MGT 300Management/Org Behavior (3)

MTH 301Mathematical Modeling (3) MA


ENG 277Dollars & Sense: Materialism in 20th-Century American Fiction (3) L/CL

HIS 200Local History (3) H/CH

HIS 236From Cortez to Costco Impact of European Contact with the Americas on the Food We Eat (3) H/CH

IDS 307Healthy Communities (3) IDS

JCG 390Appalachian Culture & Spirit (3) JCG/IDS

Seminar (1 credit) and Service Hours (1 credit)

After the student has taken the three core courses and three electives, he/she will take SST 400 Environmental Sustainability Studies Seminar. This one hour seminar course offers the student an opportunity to hear from guest speakers who are employed in various areas related to sustainability. The course will also feature a requirement for a final integrative paper that demonstrates an understanding and integration of sustainability concepts.

Before completing the minor, each student must also complete one service learning credit with an organization appropriate to sustainability studies (1 credit/30 hours taken through the Plus One Credit Option Program of the Service Learning Center). The choice of the course to which this credit will be attached, and the organization with which the student serves, is subject to the program coordinator's approval.