Georgana Taggart, J.D., Chairperson

The Department of Legal Studies offers a major in legal studies (BA and AA), a minor in legal studies, and a certificate in paralegal studies.

Departmental policy for all bachelor of arts and associate in arts programs within Legal Studies: A grade of "C" or higher is required in all major, minor and cognate courses.

Legal Studies

Approved by the American Bar Association (ABA), 321 North Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois 60654, (800) 285-2221, the Legal Studies program (originally paralegal studies) was developed in 1976 in response to the ABA’s recommendation that paralegals be educated to help in providing efficient legal services. 

The program promotes an understanding of how the individual fits into the legal system, both as a professional and as a citizen. It is designed to prepare students for success in law-related professions, including attorney, paralegal, legal assisting, and the justice system. The curriculum focuses on communication skills, critical thinking, the legal system, legal research, contract law, torts, litigation, estates and trusts, real estate, family law, professional ethics, criminal procedure, and legal research and writing. Although graduates of the program may not engage in the unauthorized practice of law, it will provide those students who wish to become practicing attorneys with an excellent opportunity to prepare for law school.

Persons educated in legal studies can apply their skills in a variety of career settings including law firms, corporate legal departments, governmental positions, the court system, title companies, banks, insurance companies, and others.

Credits awarded at other institutions are subject to review prior to acceptance by the Legal Studies program as legal studies credits. A minimum of 12 credit hours in legal studies course work must be completed at Mount St. Joseph University prior to the awarding of a legal studies degree, or paralegal certificate, to a student transferring into the program from another institution. A minimum of 9 credit hours in legal studies course work must be completed at the Mount prior to the awarding of a minor in legal studies.

The University offers four tracks in legal studies: 1) a bachelor of arts degree; 2) an associate in arts degree; 3) a minor in legal studies; 4) a certificate program for persons who already have a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree with a sufficient number of general education credits, and for any Mount undergraduate student upon his or her completion of a baccalaureate degree in any major..