Program Requirements

Hours: 33

Major Courses- 33 hours

PRL 150Introduction to Paralegalism (3)

PRL 151Introduction to Legal Principles (3) S

PRL 152Legal Research (3)

PRL 261Intro Corporate Law (3)

PRL 271Intro Estates & Probate (3)

PRL 281Intro Real Estate Law (3)

PRL 291Intro Litigation Procedures (3)

PRL 380Internship Experience (3)

PRL 415Law Office Practice Seminar (3)

Choose two of the following courses: (6 hours)

PRL 311Corporate Law Practice (3)

PRL 321Estates, Tax, and Planning (3)

PRL 331Real Estate Law Practice (3)

PRL 341Litigation Practice & Procedure (3)

PRL 350Fund of Insurance for Paralegals (1-3)

PRL 355Family Law (3)

Residency Requirement - 18 hours and have a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree with a sufficient number of general education credits.

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