Program Requirements

Hours: 18-21

Major Courses- 18 hours

LGS 150Legal Environment (3)

LGS 151Legal Principles (3) S

LGS 152Legal Research (3)

LGS 271Estates and Trusts (3)

LGS 281Real Estate (3)

LGS 291Litigation (3)

LGS 381Internship Experience (3)


Students may complete any approved internship experience to fulfill this requirement. (0-3 hours)

Residency Requirement - 12 hours and have a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree with a sufficient number of general education credits, or for any Mount undergraduate student upon attaining a bachelor degree in any major.

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Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Paralegal Certificate Studies program will be able to:

  • perform the duties of an entry level paralegal in a law firm or other legal work setting.
  • interpret and apply legal codes of ethics in a work environment.
  • perform legal research using both printed and electronic sources.