Program Requirements

Hours: 42

Major Courses - 33 hours

PRL 150Introduction to Paralegalism (3)

PRL 151Introduction to Legal Principles (3) S

PRL 152Legal Research (3)

PRL 261Intro Corporate Law (3)

PRL 271Intro Estates & Probate (3)

PRL 281Intro Real Estate Law (3)

PRL 291Intro Litigation Procedures (3)

PRL 380Internship Experience (3)


PRL 396Co-Op:Parallel(PT) (1-3) EXP

(3 hours of PRL 396 can substitute for PRL 380)

PRL 415Law Office Practice Seminar (3)

Choose two additional 300 Level PRL Courses - 6 hours

(this excludes PRL 380 as it is already required)

Cognate Courses - 9 hours

ACC 213Principles of Accounting I (3)

COM 300Advanced Composition (3) LAS

COM 320Advanced Oral Communication (3) LAS

Residency Requirement - 12 hours

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Paralegal Studies program will be able to:

  • perform the duties of an entry level paralegal in a law firm or other legal work setting.
  • interpret and apply legal codes of ethics in a work environment.
  • perform legal research using both printed and electronic sources.