Program Requirements

Hours: 63-75

Major Courses (45 Hours)

Required Major Courses (39 hours)

MTH 193Calculus I (4) MA/CMA

MTH 194Calculus II (4) MA/CMA

MTH 195Introduction to Math Computing (3)

MTH 220Discrete Mathematics (3) MA

MTH 255Introduction to Linear Algebra (3) MA

MTH 293Calculus III (4) MA/CMA

MTH 301Mathematical Modeling (3) MA

MTH 310Differential Equations (3) MA

MTH 320Probability/Statistics (4) MA

MTH 325Numerical Analysis (3) MA

MTH 396Co-Op:Parallel(PT) (1-3) EXP

MTH 400Senior Research (1)

(2 hours of MTH 400 taken over two semesters is required)

Choose One of the Following (3 hours)

MTH 305College Geometry (3) MA

MTH 315Number Theory (3) MA

Choose One of the Following (3 hours)

MTH 361Abstract Algebra (3) MA

MTH 391Advanced Calculus (3) MA