Program Requirements

Hours: 43-44

Major Courses – 25 hours

SOC 103Our Social World (3) S/CS

SOC 202Race, Class, Gender (3) S

SOC 216Sociology of the Family (3) S

SOC 220Childhood and Society (3) S

SOC 370Sociological Theories (3) S

SOC 375Social Research I (4)

SOC 400Senior Thesis (3)

MTH 174Statistics I (3) MA/CMA


MTH 176Stats I With SPSS (3) MA/CMA

Elective Courses - 18 hours:  Choose 6 additional courses from the following (may also include any GST coded courses)

SOC 204Cultural Anthropology (3) S

SOC 208Social Psychology (3) S

SOC 289Women's Issues & the Law (3) S

SOC 302Social Perspectives on Motherhood (3) S

SOC 373Sociology of Globalization (3)

CRM 293Juvenile Delinquency (3) LAS

CRM 407Law & Society (3) LAS

SWK 223Social Policies and Issues (3) S

PSY 225Human Sexuality (3) S

IDS 212Domestic Violence (3) IDS

IDS 240Disability, Culture & Equity (3) IDS

SWK 332Child Abuse (3) IDS

COM 201New Media, Culture & Society (3) LAS

SOC 215Sociology of Religion (3) S

PSY 204Lifespan Development (4) S

PSY 205Child/Adolescent Development (3) S

RPS 502Family & Community Systems (3)

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the sociology major will be able to:

  • demonstrate the acquisition of the sociological perspective.
  • demonstrate the ability to critically examine social institutions.
  • apply the scientific research process to sociological topics.