Program Requirements

Hours: 24

Required Minor Coursework – 21 hours

GST 261Social and Psychological Aspects of Aging (3) S

GST 340Spirituality and Aging (3) S/R

GST 358Organizational Administration in Healthcare (3) S

GST 359Work, Leisure and Retirement (3) S

GST 360Mental Health & Aging (3) S

GST 365Health and Interdisciplinary Assessment of the Elderly (3)

IDS 331Holistic Wellness and Aging (3) IDS

Elective Coursework – 3 hours

One department aging course, examples may include:

GST 351Aging Institute (1)

GST 432Gerontology Practicum (3)

GST 450Senior Seminar (3)

PSY 206Adult Dev and Aging (3) S

If students do not do a practicum in their major, GST 432 – Gerontology Practicum or 3 hours of service learning in the field of gerontology must be taken. If students are doing a practicum through their major, they have the option of another course approved by the director of the gerontology minor.