The mission of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Mount St. Joseph University is to prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be business professionals who are ethical, socially responsible, and who can make strong contributions to organizations from the beginning of their careers. The unique 4 + 1 format allows students admitted to the program to complete the requirements for an MBA through dual credit courses in their senior undergraduate year plus one additional year at the Mount. Students apply for the program in the spring of the junior year in their undergraduate program. Students admitted into the 4 + 1 MBA program complete four MBA courses during their senior year (12 credits). These four courses count dually toward their baccalaureate and MBA requirements.  These 12 graduate credit hours will be calculated in the student’s undergraduate grade point average.  The graduate courses and credit hours will be transferred to the graduate transcript when students become fully admitted to the MBA program but the grades will not be calculated in the student’s graduate grade point average.  During the 5th year students complete 24 credits for a total of 36 graduate credits.

Link to Graduate Catalog: Master of Business Administration