Program Requirements

Hours: 53 plus Choose License Content Area (see below)

Major in Liberal Arts for those seeking licensure in Social Studies or English Language Arts

Prerequisites for Licensure (16 hours)

COM 100Spoken Word (3) C

EDU 190Introduction to the Educational Profession (1)

ENG 101Written Word (3) C

PSY 103Introduction to Psychology (3) CEP

SOC 103Our Social World (3) CS

Choose a discipline specific mathematics class in the core curriculum (3) MA

Major Courses (19 hours)

AYA 333Adol/Young Adult Practicum (1)

AYA 334Adol/Young Adult Practicum II (2)

AYA 345Intro to Secondary Education (3)

AYA 444AYA Student Teaching (10)

Choose one Methods Course, according to content:

EDU 355Methods of Math Educators (3)

EDU 383Methods of Teaching Science (3)

EDU 384Methods of Teach Social Studies (3)

EDU 386Methods of Teach Language Arts (3)

Cognate Courses - 18 hours

EDU 207Educational Theory & Reflective Teaching (3)

EDU 217Technology in the Instructional Process (2)

EDU 356Classroom Mgmt & Organization (3)

RDG 311Content Area Reading (3)

SED 215Human Exceptionalities (3)

SED 215SServ Lrng:Human Exceptionalities (1) EXP

SED 340Teaching in an Inclusive Setting (3)

AYA Licensure in Integrated Language Arts - 33 hours

WRITING - 6 hours

ENG 300Advanced Composition (3) LAS

Choose one:

ENG 370Creative Writing: Poetry (3) LAS

ENG 372Creative Writing: Fiction (3) LAS

COM 388Feature Writing (3) LAS

MEDIA - 3 hours

COM 220Visual Communication (3)

COM 250Digital Video Production (3)

COM 340Intercultural & World Comm (3) LAS

COM 359American Film Authors (3) LAS


ENG 360The Play's the Thing: Shakespeare's Major Works (3) CL

NINETEENTH CENTURY -  3  hours (choose 1)

ENG 160Apes, Angels & Victorians: A Survey of the Victorian Period (3) CL

ENG 162Murder Most Foul:Detectives in 19th Cent British Literature (3) CL

ENG 26019th-Century American Thought in Prose (3) CL/CH


HIS 26019th Century American Thought In Prose (3) CL/CH

ENG 262I Was Crazy Once:Impaired Mind in Lit (3) CL

MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY - 6 hours (choose 2)

(ENG 173 recommended)

ENG 140Survey of Women Writers (3) CL

ENG 171Sports in Literature (3) CL

ENG 17320 Voices, 20 Countries: World Poetry (3) CL

ENG 174Meet Me at the Theatre: Mod & Contemp American Drama (3) CL

ENG 175Modern Short Fiction (3) CL

ENG 176Modern Novel (3) CL

ENG 206State of the Unions:20th Century British and American Drama (3) CL

ENG 223Cincinnati Authors (3) CL

ENG 226Multicultural Women Writers (3)

ENG 275A History of Violence: Survey of 20th-Cent British Literature (3) CL

ENG 276The 20th-Century Graphic Novel (3) CL

ENG 277Dollars & Sense: Materialism in 20th-Century American Fiction (3) CL

ENG 278The End of the World as We Know It: Fiction After 9/11 (3) CL

ENG 279Killing the Angel in the House: 20th-Cent Brit Women Novelists (3) CL

ENG 376Novels Without Borders (3) CL

Electives - 12 hours

Choose four courses from any literature course listed above or these special topic courses or any LIB 300 Level course (maximum 3 courses towards the required four, excluding LIB 396).  At least one American Literature is required.

ENG 245African-American Writers (3) CL

ENG 280In Their Own Voices: American Autobiography,Letters,Memoirs (3) CL

ENG 350Topics in Literature (1-3)

AYA Licensure in Integrated Social Studies - 42 hours

Nine hours in US History

HIS 109U.S. History to 1877 (3) CH

HIS 110U.S. History Since 1877 (3) CH

Choose one 200-300 level American History course (3 or LIB XXX (History content only)

Six hours in Western History

Select two courses from the following or equivalents

HIS 107European Civilization to 1500 (3) CH

HIS 108European Civilization Since 1500 (3) CH

HIS 200-300 level European History courses (3) or LIB XXX (History content only)

Six hours in Non-Western History

HIS 105World Civilization to 1500 (3) CH

HIS 106World Civilization Since 1500 (3) CH

Six hours in Political Science

PSC 201American National Government (3)

PSC 335International Politics (3)


PHI 220Political Philosophy (3) CP

Fifteen hours in other Social Science Courses

ECO 201Economic Issues (3)


ECO 211Principles of Macroeconomics (3)

GEG 202World Regional Geography (3)

PSY 103Introduction to Psychology (3) CEP

SOC 103Our Social World (3) CS

SOC 202Race, Class, Gender (3)

Program Outcomes

Teacher Competencies

The School of Education has developed the following five teacher competencies describing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that each teacher candidate will have upon completion of any licensure program

  1. Content knowledge - The candidate articulates accurate subject matter and applies that knowledge in planning and presenting lessons aligned with content standards.
  2. Learner characteristics - The candidate incorporates knowledge of how students learn and how diverse experiences affect learning when planning and presenting lessons aligned with content standards.
  3. Instructional strategies - The candidate applies a variety of scientifically-based, data-driven instructional strategies based on learning goals, assesses student's progress toward these goals, and differentiates instruction based on students' needs and assessment results.
  4. Learning environment - The candidate creates and manages a learning environment that encourages active, engaged learning and respect for others.
  5. Professional responsibilities - The candidate engage in reflective practice, promotes collaboration among peers, families, and communities, and takes on opportunities for professional development.