Program Requirements

Hours: 54-57

The Department of Undergraduate Education at Mount St. Joseph University offers a major in Educational Studies for students who are interested in education, but not formal classroom teaching. The program involves a solid foundation of liberal arts and education courses, with flexibility for pursuing electives, a minor or even a dual major in an area of interest. Graduates with this degree may progress into careers such as: disability services, family and children services, program development for corporations and nonprofits, adult education, and community outreach.  This degree program does not lead to teacher licensure.

Prerequisites: 16 hours

COM 100Spoken Word (3) C

EDU 190Introduction to the Educational Profession (1)

ENG 101Written Word (3) C

SOC 103Our Social World (3) CS

PSY 103Introduction to Psychology (3) CEP

Choose one discipline specific mathematics course in the Core Curriculum (3)

Major Courses - 16 hours

ECE 321Collab Practices in Working with Families, Communities & Peers (3)

EDU 207Educational Theory & Reflective Teaching (3)

EDU 235Communication Development and Disorders (3)

EDU 356Classroom Mgmt & Organization (3)

SED 215Human Exceptionalities (3)

SED 215SServ Lrng:Human Exceptionalities (1) EXP

Major Electives (9 hours) - Select from the following:

The following are education courses offered as electives to Educational Studies majors. While they are listed in categories to distinguish their focus, the student may select any three courses to meet the 9 credit hour requirement.

Learner Characteristics:

ECE 230Observing and Understanding the Whole Child (3)

SED 351Intro to Learning Disabilities (3)

The School Context:

AYA 345Intro to Secondary Education (3)

MCE 300Intro Middle School (3)

SED 340Teaching in an Inclusive Setting (3)

Teaching Methods:

ECE 250Developmentally Appropriate Practice & Observing and Understanding Whole Child (3)

ECE 336Methods of Teaching Math I (3)

ECE 337Methods of Teaching Math II (3)

ECE 341Methods of Teaching Social Studies and the Sciences (3)

EDU 355Methods of Math Educators (3)

EDU 383Methods of Teaching Science (3)

EDU 384Methods of Teach Social Studies (3)

EDU 386Methods of Teach Language Arts (3)

MUS 246Mus Exp For Young Children (3) CAM

RDG 215Theoretical Perspectives and Foundations in Literacy (3)

RDG 304Children's and Adolescent Literature (3)

RDG 330Phonics and Linguistics (3)

RDG 331Methods of Teaching Reading and Writing (3)

RDG 338Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Problems (3)

SED 330Assessment and Diagnosis for Special Education (3)

SED 345Collaboration and Transition (3)

SED 380Curriculum & Methods/Students with Mild/Moderate Needs (3)

Cognate Courses (10-13 hours)

SOC 202Race, Class, Gender (3)

SOC 370Sociological Theories (3)

SWK 223Social Policies and Issues (3)

CED 220Foundations of Professionalism (1)

CED 394Cooperative Education (0) EXP


EDU 396Cooperative Education Work Experience: Parallel (1-3) EXP

Communications (3 hours) - select One:

COM 220Visual Communication (3)

COM 300Advanced Composition (3) LAS

COM 320Advanced Oral Communication (3) LAS

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the educational studies major will:

  • Utilize professional communication and collaboration to address problems.
  • Use social, cultural, political, and historical perspectives to critically analyze educational policies, structures and practices.
  • Reflect on experience in relation to principles of effective teaching and learning to address a selected issue.
  • Evaluate educational policies, structures and practices in terms of making learning accessible to diverse learners.
  • Make ethically responsible decisions based on discerning the needs of others and using relevant information