Program Requirements

Hours: 63

The School of Health Sciences offers an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science degree with a primary emphasis in health and wellness.   The major builds upon the University’s strengths in health sciences and the liberal arts, while offering students the opportunity to explore diverse areas of study, with a specialization minor. Inspired by the traditions of liberal arts education and the Sisters of Charity, the Health and Wellness major is built around the seven dimensions of wellness (emotional, environmental, occupational, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual), to further support the development and actualization of the whole person.

The vision of the Health and Wellness program at Mount St. Joseph University is that all people realize their self-determined wellness and highest quality of life.

The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness is to prepare students for life-long learning, critical analysis of complex problems facing our communities, successful careers and advancement in professional practice, and graduate study.

The Health and Wellness major consists of 63 credit hours (28 core hours, 14 scientific foundation hours and 21 elective hours) with a required minor in an area offered by the institution  It is expected that a portion of the credits included in the 21 elective hours would count towards the student’s selected minor. Students are expected to maintain a "C" or better in Health and Wellness Core and Scientific Foundations courses. Additionally, students are expected to maintain a grade point average of 2.0 in the courses which are part of their major.

Health and Wellness Core Courses (28 hours)

HLT 200Foundations of Wellness (3)

HLT 230Health Promotion and Health Systems (3)

HLT 320Epidemiology of Physical Activity (3)

HLT 360Human Nutrition (3)

HLT 430Research in the Health Sciences (3)

HLT 440Health and Wellness Assessment and Programming (3)

HLT 440SServ Lrng:Health and Wellness Assessment and Programming (1) EXP

HLT 450Health and Wellness Practicum (3) EXP

HLT 451Healthcare Administration (3)

PSY 220Health Psychology (3)

Scientific Foundations Courses (14 hours)

MTH 174Statistics I (3) CMA

PSY 103Introduction to Psychology (3) CEP

PSY 204Lifespan Development (4)

Choose one of the following courses w/lab:

BIO 131Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology (4) CN

BIO 131ABasic Human Anatomy and Physiology (LAB) (0) CN

BIO 197Human Anatomy and Physiology for the Health Sciences I (4) CN

BIO 197AHuman Anatomy and Physiology for the Health Sciences I (LAB) (0) CN

Dimensions of Wellness Courses (21 hours)

Students must take a minimum of 3 credit hours within each Wellness Dimension, distributed across at least 4 departments/disciplines

Emotional & Spiritual Wellness: select one

REL 104Personal Spirituality and Theology of Human Experience (3) CR

REL 108World Religions (3) CR

REL 206Spirituality & Wellness (3) CR

REL 215Life Through Death (3) CR

REL 242Exploring the Sacred (3) CR

REL 314Spirituality of Leadership (3) CR

JCG 390Appalachian Culture & Spirit (3) JCG/EXP

JCG 391Cherokee Culture and Spirituality:Immersion (3) JCG/EXP

Environmental Wellness: select one (with lab if applicable)

BIO 140Environmental Science (4) CN

BIO 140AEnvironmental Science (LAB) (0) CN

BIO 315Ecology (4)

BIO 315AEcology (LAB) (0)

BIO 335Entomology (4)

BIO 335AEntomology (LAB) (0)

ENG 165Literature, Nature & Environ (3)

ETH:PHI 203Environmental Ethics (3) CE

ETH:REL 269Environmental Ethics:A Call to Conscience in a Time of Climate Change (3) CE

GEO 115Earth Science (L/L) (4) CN

HIS 236From Cortez to Costco Impact of European Contact with the Americas on the Food We Eat (3) CH

JCG 267Healing and Loving Creation:An Ecological Spirituality for Our Time (3) JCG

Occupational Wellness - 3 credit hours

CED 150Career Exploration for Undeclared Majors (1)

CED 220Foundations of Professionalism (1)

CED 220SServ Lrng:Professional Devel (1) EXP

CED 320Building Your Professional Edge (1)

CED 420Accelerating Your Professional Career (1)

GST 359Work, Leisure and Retirement (3)

HLT 100Pathways to the Health Professions (2)

MGT 300Management/Org Behavior (3)

Physical Wellness - 3 credit hours

ACT 119Begin Racquetball (1)

ACT 121Beginning Golf (1)

ACT 130Yoga (1)

ACT 132Meditative Practice (1)

ACT 151Walking & Running Fitness Class (1)

ACT 160Fundamentals of Personal Fitness (1)

ESF 350Exercise Physiology (4)

ESF 350AExercise Physiology (LAB) (0)

Social Wellness: - 3 hours

CRM 230Crime Prevention (3) LAS

ECO 201Economic Issues (3)

JCG 255Christian Social Justice (3) JCG

PSY 208Social Psychology (3)

SOC 208Social Psychology (3)

SOC 202Race, Class, Gender (3)

SOC 216Sociology of the Family (3)

SOC 220Childhood and Society (3)

SOC 261Social and Psychological Aspects of Aging (3)

SPM 185Historical & Socio-Cultural Dimensions in Sport (3)

Students must choose 6 additional credit hours not selected above

ASL 101Beginning American Sign Lang. I (3) LAS

BIO 130Medical Terminology (2) LAS

BIO 212Musculoskeletal Anatomy Review (2)

BIO 301Pathophysiology (4)

BIO 330Evolution (4)

BIO 330AEvolution (LAB) (0)

COM 353Health Communication (3) LAS

ECE 250Developmentally Appropriate Practice & Observing and Understanding Whole Child (3)

ENG 262I Was Crazy Once:Impaired Mind in Lit (3) CL

ESF 422AAthletic Conditioning and Performance(LAB) (0)

ESF 422Athletic Conditioning and Performance (4)

ESF 470Prin of Exercise Prescription and Assessment (4)

ESF 470APrin of Exercise Prescription and Assessment (LAB) (0)

ETH:PHI 250Health Care Ethics (3) CE

ETH:REL 252Theological Health Care Ethics (3) CE

ETH:REL 256Sexual and Reproductive Ethics (3) CE

GST 360Mental Health & Aging (3)

NUR 100Health Promotion (3)

PSY 212Domestic Violence (3)

PSY 224Parenting (3)

PSY 225Human Sexuality (3)

PSY 351Positive Psychology: Science of Happiness (3)

PSY 360Biological Psychology (4)

PSY 360ABiological Psychology (LAB) (0)

SED 215Human Exceptionalities (3)

SOC 289Women's Issues & the Law (3)

SOC 302Social Perspectives on Motherhood (3)

SOC 377Eval,Res,Grantsmanship (3)

SPA 330Spanish for the Professions (3) LAS

SWK 333Elder Abuse (3) IDS

SWK 410Chemical Dependency Counseling (3)

A second major or a minor outside of Health and Wellness is required. Courses within the Dimensions of Wellness and electives may count towards the minor, or second major and the University's baccalaureate/core curriculum.  The requirement for a minor or second major is waived for students with a professional healthcare license or an associate’s degree in a health related discipline from a regionally accredited college or university.

Program Outcomes

Students completing the Bachelors of Science in Health and wellness will be able to:

  • Assess individual and community factors affecting health, well-being, and quality of life;
  • Design solutions to multi-faceted health and wellness problem using evidence based practices
  • Develop a  personal wellness philosophy, develop an on-going action plan, and serve as a role model to others;
  • Identify and communicate with governmental, for-profit and non-profit  stakeholders seeking to improve population health
  • Undertake advanced work in health and wellness industry, government agencies, graduate or professional school.