Program Requirements

Hours: 29*

The Exercise Science and Fitness Minor provides students scientific foundational knowledge and clinical applications of physical exercise and fitness. Students develop an ethical foundation for effective development and administration of physical fitness programs for individuals across the lifespan. The program emphasizes the identification of individual differences and specialized needs in order to apply sound physiological principles of human movement and exercise science as students work with a variety of physically active individuals. Finally students learn to integrate multiple views from various disciplines in order to meet the every growing need for exercise and physical fitness in today’s population.

Minor Courses - 29 credits

BIO 197Human Anatomy and Physiology for the Health Sciences I (4) N/CN

BIO 197AHuman Anatomy and Physiology for the Health Sciences I (LAB) (0) N/CN

BIO 198Human A&P for Hlth Sci II (4) N

BIO 198AHuman Anatomy and Physiology for the Health Sciences II (LAB) (0) N

ATR 320Strength Training & Wellness (3)

ATR 330Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement (3)

ATR 350AExercise Physiology (LAB) (0)

ATR 350Exercise Physiology (4)

ATR 470Prin of Exercise Prescription and Assessment/LAB (4)

ATR 470SServ Lrng:Prin of Exercise Perescription & Assessment/LAB (1) EXP

ATR 475Exercise Program for Special Populations (3)

HLT 260Human Nutrition (3)

*Proof of CPR/AED certification needed for completion of Minor.