The Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs option is designated for individuals who already possess a current Ohio teaching licensure in Special Education or Early Childhood Education and wish to obtain an endorsement to work with children ages 3-5 with special needs. This endorsement is embedded within the Master of Arts degree. However, individuals may select to only focus on the Pre-K Special Needs Endorsement and not earn a Master's degree.

Program Requirements

Hours: 34

Professional Core - 15 Hours

EDU 500 Statistics and Research (3)
EDU 604 Integrative Research Project (3)
EDU 616 Cognition Across Cultures (3)
SED 515 Human Exceptionalities Across the Lifespan (3)
SED 521 Communication Develop & Theories for Environments (3)

Major Requirements - 19 hours

ECE 530 Integrating Science and Social Studies through Content Reading (3)
ECE 552 Math Curriculum and Methods (3)
ECE 630 Promote Young Child Development (3)
SED 524 School, Home Support and Intervention Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs (3)
SED 534 Methods/Materials for Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs (3)
SED 662 Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs Practicum (1)
SED 665 Medical Issues & Learning Process for Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs (3)

Program Outcomes

The outcomes of the Special Education Program are to prepare intervention specialists with the knowledge, skill and dispositions to work in collaborative and consulting roles with general educators and other support personnel in order to provide high quality instruction to children who come from culturally and/or linguistically diverse (CLD) backgrounds and are in need of special education services. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be proficient in providing culturally responsive teaching practices within the context of special education.