The B.A. in Art Education is designed for the student who plans to become a professional art educator. The comprehensive curriculum includes studio art, art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and an intensive two-semester course in the theory and practice of teaching visual arts. The art program, coupled with professional education coursework, may lead to Ohio licensure as a Visual Art Specialist, Pre-K-12.

Program Requirements

Hours: 58

Major Courses - 52 hours

AED 290 Comprehensive Art Ed I (3)
AED 390 Comprehensive Art Education II (4)
ART 101 Drawing I (3) CAM
ART 102 Drawing II (3) CAM
ART 103 2D Design (3) CAM
ART 106 3D Design (3) CAM
ART 121 World Art History (3) CAM
ART 132 Artworld (3)
ART 140 Ceramics (3) CAM
ART 217 Painting (3)
ART 281 Digital Photography I (3) CAM
ART 330 Art Criticism (3) CAM
ART 362 Printmaking Workshop:Methods Survey (3) CAM
ART 369 Pre-Thesis (3)
ART 495 Thesis (3)
GRD 110 Digital Literacy (3)

ART 304 Sculpt Wkshp:Figure Modeling (3)
ART 336 Sculpture Wkshp:Sustainable Mixed Media (3) CAM

Art History - 3 hours

Choose one Art history course (3)

Cognate Course - 3 hours

PHI 285 Philosophy of Art (3) CP

Minimum grade of C in all major/cognate courses.

Additional education hours required for licensure. See Education.

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the art education major will:

  • engage in the creative art making process, using imagery, methods and media to express and communicate ideas, feelings, experiences and aspirations.
  • understand the formal, technical and expressive aspects in visual artworks, using critical skills to describe, analyze, interpret and evaluate such works.
  • understand and appreciate the historical, social and cultural contexts of the arts and artists in societies past and present, while being equipped to enter the dialogue.
  • acquire the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and values required to meet the visual art needs of Pre-K -12 students in a dynamic and diverse society.