Mark McCafferty, Chairperson

The mission of the Music Department is to educate students by fostering a comprehensive musicianship that enables them to hear, comprehend, write, and perform various musical languages. Programs are offered to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for pursuing graduate study and professional careers associated with music. An audition for initial acceptance into the music program is required.

Structural, cognitive and aesthetic aspects of music are investigated and cultivated through theoretical and historical studies of music. Basic musicianship is expanded and enhanced through participation in vocal and instrumental ensembles and in private study. Applications for theoretical studies in music are enhanced by use of state-of-the-art technology in ear-training and sight singing.

The Music Education program prepares students to obtain Multi-Age License in Music for teaching ages 3-21.

All students majoring in music perform in student recitals at the University throughout the year. All students are required to demonstrate proficiency in basic musicianship, voice and piano.

Licensure for Teachers

Students choosing a major in music who also want to pursue Ohio teacher licensure must satisfy the same requirements as the major and additional requirements in music and education. The pertinent Multi-Age License (ages 3-21) is music education. See Education for professional education core requirements.

Private Instruction

Music instruction is offered to all qualified students in the study of orchestral and keyboard instruments, voice and guitar. Students are presented in recitals throughout the year. All music majors who register for 1 credit hour of Applied Music must also register for Repertoire Class (MUS 000R).