Program Requirements

Hours: 54-57, plus required minor

Computing Core Requirements (50-53 Hours)

INF 120 Principles of Programming I (3)
INF 221 Principles of Programming II (3)
INF 230 Database Design & Development (3)
INF 250 Web Fundamentals & Standards (3)
INF 255 Client-Side Scripting (3)
INF 256 Server-Side Scripting (3)
INF 270 Intro to Mobile Application Development (3)
INF 324 Data Structures (3)
INF 325 Networks (3)
INF 328 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (3)
INF 331 Applied Database (3)
INF 355 Advanced Client-Side Scripting (3)
INF 356 Advanced Server-Side Scripting (3)
INF 370 Algorithms (3)
INF 377 Introduction to Automata (3)
INF 380 Operating Systems (3)

INF 396 Co-Op:Parallel(PT) (0-3) EXP
INF 496 Co-Op:Parallel(FT) (0-3) EXP
CED 394 Cooperative Education (0) EXP

INF 400 Senior Research (1) (2 hours of INF 400 taken over two semesters is required)

Students must choose one of the following concentrations (4 hours + required minor)

  • Graphic Design concentration: you must complete
  • Technical concentration: you must complete

(See minor requirements in department pages)

Program Outcomes

  • solve complex problems effectively and efficiently.
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts in their designated track.
  • demonstrate the skills necessary to design, implement and maintain a complex web or mobile application.
  • analyze issues ranging from storage, retrieval, and interpretation of information to the implementation and management of complex information systems.
  • analyze how legal and ethical technology issues impact business activities such as data access, privacy, confidentiality, security, and intellectual property standards and polices.
  • demonstrate their participation in professional organizations that promote responsible computing and service to society.
  • develop a personal learning strategy for continuing education and lifelong learning that is independent of employer sponsorship.