Students who wish to undertake an independent study must consult with their advisor and register in the independent study course. The instructor’s approval via signed learning contract is required before a student may enroll. Independent study credit hours are included in the course hour load. Independent study is limited to a maximum of three semester hours during the student’s graduate program. The student’s work is supervised by a faculty member assigned by the department program director or chairperson in the intended field of study. Objectives for the study are developed by students in consultation with the faculty member. Students are expected to meet regularly with the faculty member for consultation and discussion. The faculty member has the responsibility for evaluating the student’s achievement. Independent study may not be audited.

Any student seeking credit through an independent learning opportunity must contact the instructor to discuss and complete a learning contract. Through contractual learning, the student is to understand the instructor’s expectations and criteria for evaluation. A completion date is established between the student and instructor. There is no re-contracting after an established completion date. A copy of the signed learning contract must be on file in the Registrar’s Office.