Lisa Gick, Ph.D., Program Director

Learning, Leading, and Serving are at the heart of the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program. Graduates of the program will be able to positively impact organizational outcomes. Embedded in the Mount’s commitment to interdisciplinary education and practical professional engagement, we prepare leaders to step into the challenges of leading, emphasizing connection to values, integrity, and social responsibility. Leaders gain knowledge of theory and research, personal leader identity, leader competencies, and perspectives on leading in business today. Our cohort model builds meaningful professional connections, an emergent and dynamic learning environment, and the experience of immediately applying new learning and ways of leading. This 30-credit program is completed in five consecutive semesters.

Admission Requirements

Requirements for admission to MSOL are as follows:

  1. A degree from a regionally accredited college or university. Send an official transcript verifying the degree directly from the institution attended to the Office of Graduate Admission, Mount St. Joseph University, 5701 Delhi Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45233.
  2. A cumulative GPA of 3.0/4.0 or higher, computed on the undergraduate degree courses and additional prerequisite courses taken beyond the undergraduate degree.
  3. Submit resume demonstrating three years of significant workplace experience showing career growth, increasing responsibility and leadership potential.
  4. Names and contact information for two references including phone and email address, or two letters of reference.
  5. Submission of a one-page, typed personal statement.

MSOL Academic Policies

MSOL students must maintain a 3.0 GPA as described in the section on general academic policies for Mount graduate programs.  A maximum of six semester hours of graduate-level courses taken previously may transfer to the MSOL program. The transferability of courses is determined by the program director.

Program Requirements

Hours: 30

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program requires successful completion of 30 hours - 10 three-hour courses.

Major Courses - 30 hours

ACC 605 Accounting for Leaders (3)
ECO 655 Global Economic Awareness (3)
MOL 600 Ethical Leadership (3)
MOL 606 Strategic Leadership (3)
MOL 607 Talent Management and Development (3)
MOL 615 Organizational Behavior (3)
MOL 620 Organization Systems and Project Management (3)
MOL 625 Research and Decision Making (3)
MOL 640 Capstone in Organizational Leadership (3)
PSY 635 Social Influence (3)

Program Outcomes

  • Leading Self: Assess and develop one’s own leadership competencies and articulate a personal leadership philosophy.
  • Leading Others: Develop initiatives to build effective interpersonal relationships and develop human capital.
  • Leading the Organization:  Integrate leadership concepts, principles, and theories to promote positive change in organizations.​