1. Degree-seeking (matriculated) students are those who:
    1. have been officially accepted for admission by the graduate program.
    2. are degree-seeking in academic pursuit of a graduate degree.
  2. Certificate, endorsement, or licensure seeking (matriculated) students:
    1. are those who have been officially accepted for admission into a certificate, endorsement, or licensure program by the graduate program.
    2. must fulfill University program requirements and residency requirements in order to receive a certificate, endorsement, or licensure from Mount St. Joseph University.
  3. 4+1 MBA Dual credit students are those who:
    1. have been provisionally admitted into the MBA program.
    2. credits are limited to the dual credit portion of the MBA curriculum while pursuing an undergraduate degree.
  4. Non-degree seeking (non-matriculated) students are those unclassified students who:
    1. have submitted an application but have not completed all requirements for official acceptance through the graduate program (acceptance status is “Pending”).
    2. have not planned to submit an application for acceptance and do not intend to pursue a degree, certificate, endorsement, or licensure program.
    3. There is a nine semester graduate credit hour limit for non-degree status students.
  5. Conditional Standing
    Admission to a graduate program with conditional standing is possible in some programs if the student does not meet requirements for degree seeking classifications but can provide evidence of promise for success in graduate study. If the student must satisfy departmental prerequisites or has academic deficiencies, he/she can be admitted on conditional standing even if minimum requirements for admission with regular standing have not been met.
    Such requests must have support of the academic department to which the student seeks admission. Evidence in support of acceptance with conditional standing may include graduate admission test scores, reference to successful professional experience, statements of academic prowess, etc. A student admitted with conditional standing must achieve a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 in the first six hours of graduate courses taken for grades. Grades earned in undergraduate courses do not apply to the required grade point average. If the student does not satisfy the requirements of conditional standing, he/she is denied further registration in the graduate program. If requirements are met, the student is admitted to degree seeking status.

Change of Status

A student may obtain degree-seeking status from the appropriate graduate program office by satisfying all admission requirements and by requesting and completing a change of status form. Credits earned by non-degree students who apply for admission are subject to the same limitations as transfer credits. Provisionally accepted students in the 4+1 MBA program become degree-seeking (matriculated) students upon awarding of the undergraduate degree and meeting all admission criteria.