Program Requirements

Hours: 21

RDG 505 Psychology of Reading (3)
RDG 530 Phonics/Linguistics (3)
RDG 532 Advanced Phonics and Linguistics (3)
RDG 538 Diagnosis & Remediation of Reading Problems (3)
RDG 540 Fluency and Comprehension Development in Reading (3)
RDG 591 Practicum in Evidence-Based Reading Instruction I (3)
RDG 591B Practicum in Evidence-Based Reading Instruction Continued Orton Gillingham Implementation (0)
RDG 594 Advanced Evidence Based Practicum for Dyslexia Certificate (3)

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Program Outcomes

The Dyslexia certificate provides an in-depth knowledge base related to the field of reading and language development, assessment, instruction, and individual differences. This program provides teachers with the deep knowledge and practices that are needed to teach reading to dyslexic students, other struggling readers and/or the general student population. Completion of the dyslexia certificate requires 21 semester hours of specific reading coursework and a field experience, in addition to achieving a passing score on the Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) reading examination or an equivalent state or national exam. The Dyslexia Certificate is for those who hold a bachelor’s degree in Education or a related field (e.g. psychology, speech pathology).

The Dyslexia Certificate is also embedded within the Reading Science Master's degree. Upon completion of the Dyslexia Certificate, only 13 additional credit hours are needed to obtain the MA degree. All of Mount St. Joseph University's Reading Science programs (Ohio Reading Endorsement, Dyslexia Certificate, and MA degree) share common coursework and all have been favorably reviewed by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). The Mount St. Joseph University Dyslexia Certificate is an IDA Recognized program.