The Gifted Intervention Specialist (K-12) endorsement program would be available to any students who already have an Ohio teaching license. The endorsement program is just fifteen credit hours and affords those who complete the Ohio Gifted Intervention Specialist (K-12) endorsement the ability to work with specific gifted and talented populations and to serve in district leadership around gifted and talented students. The program has been designed to be completely online and to be a real-time integration of students’ learning and professional work as students will be able to apply course concepts as they work in their school settings. The endorsement program is situated in respect and concern for all and focuses on an understanding of the unique needs of our gifted and talented populations as a way to serve the school community as it works to provide improved outcomes for K-12 students.


Gifted Intervention - 15 hours

SED 680 Foundations and Research of Gifted Education (3)
SED 681 Underrepresented Populations of Gifted Students (3)
SED 682 Curriculum and Instruction of Gifted Students (3)
SED 683 Creativity and Critical Thinking in Gifted Education (3)
SED 684 Leadership and Coordination of Gifted Education Programs (3)