The Reading Science Certificate Program provides an in-depth knowledge base related to the theories, practice, pedagogy, and technology in the field of reading education. Completion of the Reading Science Certificate requires 15 semester hours of reading coursework with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Program Requirements

Hours: 15

RDG 505 Psychology of Reading (3)
RDG 530 Phonics/Linguistics (3)
RDG 538 Diagnosis & Remediation of Reading Problems (3)
RDG 540 Fluency and Comprehension Development in Reading (3)
RDG 591 Practicum in Evidence-Based Reading Instruction I (3)

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Program Outcomes

  • Graduate students demonstrate knowledge and skill in the critical analysis and synthesis of educational research, and can use this knowledge to make important educational decisions.
  • Graduate students demonstrate knowledge and skills in the implementation of research-based practices to guide reading assessment and instruction to meet the needs of all children (i.e. children with reading disabilities and typically developing children).
  • Graduate students utilize their Reading Science coursework in their teaching practice.
  • Graduate students demonstrate a depth of content knowledge in reading development, theory, the 5 essential components of reading instruction (Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension) and writing, reading assessment, and reading intervention.