The Teaching major with a Concentration in Art or Music is offered to the student who holds a bachelor's degree in Art or Music and is interested in teaching grades K-12. Students are eligible for a multi-age education license when they successfully complete the program.

Required content courses are undergraduate level and may have been taken as part of the candidate's baccalaureate degree or may be taken concurrently while participating in the graduate level licensure program.

Program Requirements

Hours: 39

Professional Core - 9 hours

EDU 500 Statistics and Research (3)
EDU 501 Educational Psychology (3)
EDU 604 Integrative Research Project (3)

Undergraduate Level Courses Required for Licensure - 6-7 hours, plus content requirements in art or music

AED 290 Comprehensive Art Ed I (3)
AED 390 Comprehensive Art Education II (4)


MUS 343 Methods of Music I (3)
MUS 344 Methods of Music II (3)

Art or Music Undergraduate Content Requirements  (56-58 hours)

Graduate Level Courses Required for Licensure & MA Degree - 30 hours

AYA 550 Nature and Needs of Adolescents (3)
AYA 670 AYA Curriculum Methods: Teaching to Standards (3)
EDU 504 Proactive Classroom Leadership (3)
EDU 631 Promoting Student Development P-12 and The Effects of Trauma (3)

EDU 533A Art Education Practicum (1-3)
EDU 533M Music Education Practicum (2-3)

EDU 644 Graduate Student Teaching (6)
RDG 511 Content Area Reading (3)
SED 515 Human Exceptionalities Across the Lifespan (3)
SED 630 Teaching in an Inclusive Setting (3)

To complete Ohio Licensure: undergraduate content requirements + 6-7 credit hours undergraduate methods coursework + 24 credit hours graduate level course work + 6 credit hours student teaching + passing scores on required the Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) tests.