Mount St. Joseph University is very supportive when our military/veterans are called to active duty. Available options for a student served with orders will vary depending on the week in the semester (or the course) when the orders are received. A student must show a copy of the official order for active duty to the VA School Certifying Official, in the Registrar's Office, who will assist the student in completing the required paperwork.

Available Options

  1. If the student has completed at least 80% of the coursework for a standard or accelerated course(s) and a grade can be determined by the course instructor, a written approval from the instructor will need to be submitted with a grade for the course.
  2. If the student has completed a sufficient amount of coursework for a standard or accelerated course(s) and the instructor feels the coursework can be finished, a learning contract can be made in writing between the student and the instructor for how the coursework will be completed via distance learning. If the coursework is not completed by the end of the term, a grade of Satisfactory in Progress (SP) will be assigned for a period of up to one year until the work is fulfilled. 

NOTE: A copy of the written agreement between the student and all instructors presented in options a. and b. must be on file in the Registrar’s Office.

  1. If the student has not completed a sufficient or majority amount of coursework, all classes for the current semester (and next semester, if appropriate) will be completely dropped.  A 100% refund for tuition and fees will be initiated for the appropriate semester.

NOTE: This option is not available for students who enlist in military service and withdraw from the University. A withdrawal from courses due to voluntary enlistment will receive a refund according to the regular refund policy in effect at the time of withdrawal. The voluntary enlistment will entitle the student to a credit statement issued from the Vice President for Academic Affairs which will permit the student to repeat either part or the whole semester in which the student was enrolled at the time of the student’s withdrawal.

Military/Veterans Student Responsibilities and Actions

  1. The senior degree candidate student qualifying in his/her last semester will graduate with his/her class provided:
    • A sufficient/majority amount of coursework has been completed on which to base a grade (options a. and b.)
    • The credits for courses taken in the final semester complete the regular requirements for the degree for which he/she is a candidate.
  2. The student receiving VA Educational Benefits must show a copy of official orders for active duty and the drop/add receipt to the V.A. School Certifying Official in the Registrar’s Office. This is essential to complete documents to interrupt V.A. benefits and prevent overpayment.
  3. Those students who have elected student health insurance coverage must contact the Dean of Students’ Office as they may be eligible for a 100% reimbursement of the paid premium.
  4. The dorm student must contact the Dean of Students’ Office regarding a pro-rated refund for room and board charges.
  5. Financial Aid funds can be refunded from the date of withdrawal; however, the student is responsible for any expense monies received.

A student called to active military duty may choose to remain under requirements of his/her college catalog or may elect to change to the catalog in effect upon returning to the Mount to resume coursework toward degree completion.