If a medical condition prohibits a student from attending class for an extended period, the documentation and circumstances must be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Provost or designee. The Provost or designee may approve an Emergency Medical Leave of Absence in order to maintain the student’s academic standing with Mount St. Joseph University. Depending on the point in the semester when the student requests a medical leave, the student may receive course withdrawal (W) notation(s) on their transcript which can impact financial aid and student billing. Therefore, prior to taking a medical leave, the student is strongly advised to consult with Financial Aid as the student will remain responsible for any balance due.  A student who is awarded a medical leave remains an active student for a period of time deemed appropriate by the Provost or designee. Students are not able to register themselves for additional courses while they are on medical leave, and must petition to the Provost or designee to be reinstated when ready to return to classes.