Mount St. Joseph University is committed to respond to the need for lifelong learning by providing a full range of educational services adapted to the needs of adult students. As part of this commitment, the Mount recognizes and gives credit for college-level learning, which takes place outside a college or university setting. Prior learning assessment credit is reviewed by each program and awarded at their discretion.

Validation Process

Students who have attended extensive, informal trainings such as hospital-sponsored trainings or a comprehensive series of workshops have the potential for receiving credit via the validation process. Students should contact the PLA coordinator to determine if their particular training fits the necessary criteria. Fees for this type of validation evaluation are $80 for the first credit hour awarded and $20 for each additional hour.

Portfolio Process

In the portfolio process students must equate their knowledge and learning to specific courses offered by the university. By using the syllabi from university courses to organize one's knowledge, the student develops a portfolio to describe and document prior learning. The portfolio stresses learning outcomes rather than attendance or participation in events. It is prepared under the direction of the University's professional staff and is evaluated by the faculty for award of credit. Fees for portfolio evaluation are $90 for the evaluation fee (which also includes the first credit hour awarded) and $90 for each additional credit hour awarded.

Detailed information on the various PLA options is available at: