Graduate credits earned at another regionally accredited institution may be accepted in transfer under the following conditions and limitations:
  1. An official transcript from a regionally accredited institution must be submitted directly from the college or university attended to Mount St. Joseph University, Graduate Admission Office, 5701 Delhi Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45233. Once enrolled in graduate programs at the Mount, courses earned at other institutions must be submitted directly from the college or university attended to Mount St. Joseph University, Office of the Registrar, 5701 Delhi Road, Cincinnati, Ohio  45233.
  2. A maximum of 25% of the credit hours related to the student’s program may be accepted as elective or required credit, as determined by the graduate program director or designee at the time of admission. A minimum of a “B” grade is required for each transfer course. A maximum of two pass/fail grades may be accepted. A passing grade is equivalent to a grade of “B” or above. 
  3. Graduate credits over seven years old will be accepted at the discretion of the respective department chairperson.
  4. Grades for credits transferred from another college are not included in the calculation of the student’s cumulative grade point average at the Mount.
  5. Students should consult with their graduate program director or chairperson for other limitations on transfer credit which may apply in their program.

Transfer Credit Appeal Process

Students who disagree with how their transfer credits are accepted from previous institutions should contact the Assistant Registrar for Transfer to discuss the appeal process. Per the above transfer credit policy, program or department chairs determine the acceptability of transfer coursework. The transfer credit appeal process is as follows:
  1. Upon submission of course syllabus or other pertinent course information, a review may be requested from the program or department evaluator.
  2. If the student is not satisfied after the above review, they may appeal to the Dean of the appropriate School. The Dean’s decision is final.
  3. If appropriate, students may also contact the Career Center to begin the process of earning credit through the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process. Students may not earn additional PLA credit for course work they have already received credit through the traditional transfer process.