The Master of Arts with a major in Educational Studies with Combined Ohio Endorsements is a fully online program offering a unique opportunity to extend professional learning by providing teachers the opportunity to “stack” Ohio endorsements in their areas of interest. Teachers are able to obtain a master degree and Ohio endorsement credentials through a fully online program that meets their needs as a working professional. This master degree program is available to students who have an Ohio teaching license.

Program Requirements

Hours: 33+

Transfer credits from non-MSJ programs are not accepted for the professional core for MA degree.

Professional Core - 6 Hours

EDU 500 Statistics and Research (3)
EDU 604 Integrative Research Project (3)

Foundational Elective (Choose one) - 3 hours

EDU 501 Educational Psychology (3)
EDU 631 Promoting Student Development P-12 and The Effects of Trauma (3)
RDG 505 Psychology of Reading (3)

Initial Endorsement (Choose 2: Teacher Leader Endorsement, Gifted Intervention, Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs, Reading, or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Certificate) 

Teacher Leader Endorsement - 9 hours

EDU 710 Developing a Deeper Understanding of Leadership and Systems Change (3)
EDU 720 Data Driven Decision Making and Evidence Based Practices (3)
EDU 730 Communication, Collaboration, and Coaching (3)

Gifted Intervention - 15 hours

SED 680 Foundations and Research of Gifted Education (3)
SED 681 Underrepresented Populations of Gifted Students (3)
SED 682 Curriculum and Instruction of Gifted Students (3)
SED 683 Creativity and Critical Thinking in Gifted Education (3)
SED 684 Leadership and Coordination of Gifted Education Programs (3)

Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs Endorsement - 16 hours

SED 515 Human Exceptionalities Across the Lifespan (3)
SED 521 Assessment & Communication Develop for Special Education (3)
SED 524 School, Home Support and Intervention Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs (3)
SED 534 Methods/Materials for Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs (3)
SED 662 Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs Practicum (1)
SED 665 Medical Issues & Learning Process for Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs (3)

Reading Endorsement - 15 hours

RDG 504 Children’s Literature (3)
RDG 530 Phonics/Linguistics (3)
RDG 538 Diagnosis & Remediation of Reading Problems (3)
RDG 540 Fluency and Comprehension Development in Reading (3)
RDG 591 Practicum in Evidence-Based Reading Instruction I (3)

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Leadership - 15 hours

DEI 521 Foundations in DEI (3)
DEI 538 Race, Racism, Power, and Privilege (3)
DEI 555 Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Organizations (3)
DEI 589 Inclusive Leadership (3)
DEI 619 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Capstone (3)