Students may request an Incomplete “I” grade ONLY if they have made significant academic progress in a course of at least 50% of work must be completed and plan to complete the work before an agreed upon deadline.  Incomplete grades do not contribute to the semester or cumulative grade point average, and are not calculated in academic standing until replaced by a grade.  Incompletes may hinder progress towards degree completion.

Requesting an incomplete requires the student to do the following:

  1. Discuss the possibility of an Incomplete grade with the instructor. 
  2. Student must have completed 50% of the course requirements, and for a serious reason are unable to complete the remaining requirements by the end of the course.
  3. Student must be able to complete the work without “sitting in” on the same course in the upcoming semester. Student will be provided access to material for the course receiving the incomplete. 
  4. If instructor is agreeable, student complete the Incomplete Contract with the instructor, and obtains instructor’s signature by the last week of the classes for a traditional semester course OR before the last scheduled date of an accelerated course.
  5. A completion date must be included prior to the “I’ to “F” grade conversion chart below. The specified student course work must be completed and submitted to the instructor no later than the completion date agreed upon by the student and instructor. If an "I" grade is not changed by the time specified in the grade conversion schedule, the "I" grade will automatically convert to an "F" (failing) grade.
  6. Student submits the completed Incomplete Grade contract to the Registrar’s Office prior to exam week or the final scheduled accelerated class meeting. Late submission requires approval from the Provost Office or designee.

Upon receipt, the Registrar’s Office will enter the Incomplete grade and will maintain the Incomplete Grade Contract in the student record.

“I” grades convert to “F” grades on the following schedule:

Fall semester “I” grades change to “F”: Last day of spring semester.
Spring semester “I” grades change to “F”: Last day of the 3rd week of fall semester.
Summer session “I” grades change to “F”: Last day of fall semester.