Courses that fulfill the Core Curriculum requirements are coded within each department’s program, in each course description under Course Descriptions and in each semester/term Class Schedule and on the Web.

Discipline Specific Core Course Coding

COR = Core 115
JCG = Justice and the Common Good
CCP = Core Capstone
EXP = Experiential Learning
= COM 100 & ENG 101
CL = Literature
CAM = Art OR Music
CN = Natural Sciences with lab
CMA = Mathematics
CS = SOC 103
CH = History
CR = Religious Studies
CP = Philosophy
CE = Ethics
CEP = ECO 212 or PSY 103


Traditional Liberal Arts & Sciences Fields (Disciplines) Which Offer Courses to Satisfy Core Curriculum Requirements

*Any current student wishing to take a course at another institution to fulfill the core will require prior approval from the Assistant Registrar for Transfer Credit in the Registrar’s Office

Current LA&S Fields Offered at Mount St. Joseph University Code*
American Sign Language (SED) LAS
Anthropology LAS
Biology CN
Chemistry CN
Communication Studies C/LAS
Economics CEP
English CL/LAS
Ethics (ETH:REL or ETH:PHI) CE
French LAS
Geology CN
Geography LAS
German LAS
Gerontology LAS
History CH
Interdisciplinary Studies IDS
Mathematics CMA
Music CAM
Philosophy CP/LAS
Physics CN
Psychology CEP
Religion CR
Sociology CS
Spanish LAS
Women’s Studies LAS


Academic Departments Not Offered at the Mount but Courses Accepted as Transfer Credit to Satisfy Core LA&S Code*
Archeology LAS
Astronomy CN
Atmospheric Sciences & Meteorology CN
Botany CN
Dance LAS
Drama/Theatre Arts LAS
Earth Sciences CN
Film/Video/Photographic Arts LAS
Foreign Languages (All) LAS
General Studies LAS
Humanities LAS
International Studies CS
Linguistics LAS
Multicultural Studies CS
Physiology CN
Oceanography CN
Urban Studies CS
Zoology CN