In fulfilling its mission to foster success by assisting students in the development of educational plans and career goals, Mount St. Joseph University, as a Catholic academic community, strengthens the learning environment by providing the opportunities for ongoing academic support services focusing on the development of students. The advisor assumes the responsibility to serve as the primary resource and guide to assist students in achieving their academic and career related goals.

The role of the student in the advising process:

  • The student needs to establish academic goals and formulate a plan to achieve those goals.
  • The student should become informed of the requirements for the academic program as well as for the core curriculum.
  • The student should be aware of important dates, policies, and procedures as outlined in the University catalog, Student Handbook, and Policies and Procedures.
  • The student should initiate appointments with the advisor prior to registration and be prepared with a tentative schedule to support academic goals.
  • The student has the responsibility to inform the advisor of any changes to the schedule that deviate from the schedule agreed upon at the time of registration clearance.
  • The student must complete the graduation application and final audit to be signed by an advisor.

The role of the advisor in the advising process:

  • To guide the student in development of a degree completion plan and to monitor the academic progress toward completion of the degree.
  • To assist the student in making a realistic self-appraisal of academic potential in choosing an academic program of study.
  • To be a source of information to help the student choose courses that make progress toward established goals.
  • To be a source of referral to services provided for students.
  • To remain current and knowledgeable with all University curriculum, academic policies and procedures.
  • To confer with the student prior to each registration period to discuss course options and to update the student file.