Amanda Meeker, Director

Cooperative Education (Co-op) is a unique educational program open to all baccalaureate degree students in every major. It complements academic programs by integrating theory with practice. Qualified students are eligible to work in positions related to their academic majors. majors or desired career paths.  Co-op positions are typically paid, though unpaid experiences are considered on a case-by-case basis.  These work experiences are coordinated by the cooperative education staff and departmental faculty coordinators who counsel and monitor student learning. Students earning credit establish written goals for their work experience and set specific learning objectives each semester. The student’s work performance is evaluated each semester by the faculty coordinator and the employer. Evaluation of work performed is on a pass/fail basis. Students can apply up to 9 co-op hours towards their degree; individual programs may further restrict the number of co-op hours that can apply towards a major.

Cooperative education at the Mount is a year-round program, with co-op credit offered in fall, spring, and summer. Work assignments are typically the full semester, or at least 12 weeks in length. 

Students work with the Career & Experiential Education Center staff to secure co-op positions that are based on expressed career interests, academic performance and available positions. Employers make hiring decisions through a competitive interview process and establish a rate of pay and work schedule. Compensation for work performed is paid directly to the student.

Requirements for Cooperative Education

CED 220 Foundations of Professionalism (1)
Corequisite enrollment permission will be granted on a case-by-case basis

  • Enrollment in a baccalaureate degree program. 
  • Approval of department 
  • Adequate time to dedicate to work experience (see table below).


    Credit Hours

    Minimum Total Required Work Hours

    Recommended Hours Per Week

    CED 394/494




    CED 396/496




    CED 396/496




    CED 396/496