Mount St. Joseph University receives no annual allocation of money from the Catholic Church, state or federal governments. Students attending the University are paying approximately two-thirds of the actual cost of education. The balance is provided primarily by federal and/or state direct financial aid to the student, charitable gifts of alumni, other individuals, corporations, foundations, and surpluses from auxiliary activities of the University

Information regarding current tuition, fees, other charges, and the withdrawal reduction schedule is published in each Semester Policies and Procedures. The University does reserve the right to make changes in charges for each academic year. Any adjustment will be announced three months prior to the upcoming academic year.

Tuition rates each semester/term are based on: 
Part-time (fewer than 12 semester hours).....per credit hour tuition 
Full-time (12-18 semester hours).....full-time tuition 
Additional hours over 18 semester hours......per credit hour tuition

Some courses may have additional fees.

Payment of Charges

All tuition and related fees are payable in full by the published confirmation date. Students should read closely all information regarding the confirmation process in the Semester Policies and Procedures for each semester/term and fulfill the requirements indicated. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the student’s registration. Information concerning payment options is available in the Student Administrative Services Office. Because financial aid is considered a payment for University charges, all financial aid paperwork should be completed well before the beginning of the student’s first semester/term at the University. For subsequent years, students are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by October 1.

Students with delinquent accounts may not enter subsequent classes until outstanding balances have been paid in full. Students will not receive a transcript or a diploma until accounts are settled. Unpaid balances, for any reason, are subject to monthly service fees.

Withdrawals and Reduced Charges

Tuition/financial appeals are separate and different from academic appeals. See Academic Policies for more details.

All students complying with established procedures for withdrawal from the University, credit-hour reduction affecting the 12-18 hour full-time tuition rate, or credit hour reduction within the part-time rate are entitled to have charges reduced if the drop takes place prior to the date that a zero percent refund takes effect. (Please see the tuition reduction schedule which is published in the Semester Policies and Procedures for rates.)

Notification of withdrawal or cancellation is recognized as the date the drop (withdrawal) form is received by Student Administrative Services. In cases where students or parents feel individual circumstances warrant exception to the reduction policy, a written appeal for review can be made in Student Administrative Services Office.

A full reduction of departmental (course) fees is made in cases of withdrawal before classes begin. After classes begin, no reduction is made for departmental (course) or general fees. A full reduction of room and board charges will be made in the case of withdrawal from the Residence Hall before classes begin. No room charge reduction is made after classes begin. Subsequent board charges will be reduced on a pro-rata basis, less a $50 administrative fee. The date of adjustment is the date of notification or departure from the Residence Hall, whichever is later.

University charges for all students remain an obligation in accordance with the provisions of the reduced charges. Financial aid may be adjusted according to the reduction of costs. When outside agencies, grants, scholarships, or loans do not cover the withdrawal or credit hour reduction, the individual will be responsible for the amount due.

All tuition refund requests must be made in writing in the Student Administrative Services Office.

Payment Requirements

Required payment to confirm a registration must be paid by deadlines specified in each term’s Semester Policies and Procedures. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the student’s registration. Students may not start classes, nor receive transcripts or a diploma until all financial obligations to the University have been met.

Veterans' Education

See Veterans' Education for a detailed description.