CORE 115 Requirement

If a student fails to complete the Foundations Seminar Course (CORE 115) in the first semester, the student must register for the CORE 115 course in the next semester.

Core Requirements

All students pursuing baccalaureate and associate degrees must fulfill the requirements of the Core Curriculum. A student must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours for a baccalaureate degree. Please note that while a course may be listed in more than one of the component areas, the credits only count once toward the 120 credit hours needed to graduate.

All of the listed degree requirements must be satisfied before a diploma or transcript with the degree noted will be released.

Students who transfer to the Mount need to consult with their academic advisor regarding transfer Core requirements, which allow for flexible use of transfer courses into the Mount's core curriculum.

The information provided in the following web pages

lists the specific breakdown of Core Curriculum credits for students seeking baccalaureate and associate degrees. Courses coded to satisfy the Core Curriculum are listed in each semester Course Schedule.